About Colon Free Trade Zone

Focused as a regional distribution center, we are the logistic platform with the best connection to Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean Pact, ideal to establish and enhance re-exportation businesses to the region. Stores, traffic and port systems are constantly being built and modernized, for all kinds of goods, so we can be at the forefront of modern technology and be ready to offer a wide range of excellent services and products.

All routes of the world lead to the Colon Free Trade Zone, which is located at the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal, which provides access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Activities that can be developed within the CFTZ:

Enter, store, display, pack, unpack, manufacture, bottle, mount, assemble, refine, purify, mix, transform and, in general, operate and handle all kinds of goods, products, raw materials, packages and other effects of trade, with the exception of items whose import is prohibited or restricted, in accordance with the laws of the Republic.